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Simple Map

Easy way to embed google map.

WordPress › Simple Map « WordPress Plugins

Some Feature

  • You can embed google maps like below. [map addr=”San Francisco, California”]
  • Switch to Google Static maps for iPhone or other smart phones.


This plugin allow you for customize.

Most Simple

[map addr=”San Francisco, California”] [map lat=”37.77493″ lng=”-122.419416″]

Customize the Size.

[map addr=”San Francisco, California” width=”300px” height=”300px”]

 Customize the Zoom

[map addr=”San Francisco, California” zoom=16]

Customize the Breakpoint

If screen is narrower than 320px, this plugin will display Google Static Maps [map addr=”San Francisco, California” breakpoint=”320″]

Default Values

属性 デフォルト値 フィルターフック
width 100% simplemap_default_width
height 200px simplemap_default_height
zoom 16 simplemap_default_zoom
breakpoint 480 simplemap_default_breakpoint

2 comments on “Simple Map

  1. Jack McGee says:

    I have installed and activated simple-map but it does not appear available to install., not appearing on left side of WordPress Admin page. My website host is Website Palace and it is running WordPress 3.4. Website Palace communicated something about FTP settings, but I set my user name and password they were fine. I want to purchase the premium support , but until it installs .I do not have that option.

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