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WP Total Hacks

WP Total Hacks can customize more than 20 settings on your WordPress Site.

Some Feature

You can add favicon and apple-touch-icon on your site.

You can customize WordPress admin interface.

  • login logo
  • admin header logo & admin footer
  • and other

You can customize WordPress default email address.


4 comments on “WP Total Hacks

  1. hi
    tnx for checking files
    but you You Forgot upload persian lang files in new update
    plz check again
    Amir Maskani

  2. Dmitriy says:

    Hello, great news ! Our colleague Branco Rodenovich managed to translate WP Total Hacks plugin into Slovak language. One more language has been added to the list of available ones on WP plugin site.

  3. hillguy says:

    Hello, I saw somewhere on your website that your Hacks plugin would remove “Attachment Post URL” button from WordPress “Add Media.” I installed your plugin and don’t see that option. Confused. Is this an option or not? Thanks.

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