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TinyMCE Templates

TinyMCE Template plugin will enable to use HTML template on WordPress Visual Editor. You can edit and share this template with WordPress users.

Some Feature

Template button will added to the visual editor when you install this plugin.

You can select & insert template from popup window like below.

Templates will saved as custom post type.
You can add and edit template on the visual editor.

Known Issues

All templates are losted after update 1.6.1 to 2.x.

Please re-activate this plugin once after deactivate.

Can not show template on TinyMCE popup.

Please click “Save Changes” on [Settings] – [Permalink Settings].
WordPress will flush cache for permalink in this action.
This problem has been solved since the 2.x.


Change log

TinyMCE Templates | wpist

60 comments on “TinyMCE Templates

  1. Jeramiah says:

    I love this plugin. I’ve been looking for this solutions for months! THANK YOU!

    And then WP just came out with version 3.3 which seems to disable it! ARRGH!

    Is there any chance you can fix it?

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Hi, Thanks for using my plugin.

      This problem was fixed just now!

  2. Chuck says:

    The template button is not showing up in Tinymce Advance. Any ideas?

    1. Chuck says:

      Opps… Yes it is… I just didn’t see it… It is on the right instead of the left…


    2. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      I know this problem. Sorry, but i have no idea.

  3. willytk says:

    Hello and thanks for an excellent and useful plugin!

    Question: I’m also using qtranslate, so I can have the site in both English and Norwegian. This wraps the page titles in the “Insert template” box in a english textnorwegian text. So it doesn’t look very nice for the end-user.


    Could you point me to where the “Insert a template” menu is generated, so I can change it to only show what’s between the :nb brackets?

    Thanks a lot!

    Willy T. Koch

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Hi willytk,

      It may solve.(?)

      tinymce-templates.php on line 375

      'post_type' => $this->post_type,

      post_type' => apply_filters("the_title", $this->post_type),

      Please try and tell me result.

      Thanks. 🙂

      1. willytk says:

        Hello and thanks for the reply!

        I couldn’t get your fix to work, maybe I did it wrong, but managed to solve it with some regexp magic. The comment field strips some code, so I used Pastebin:

        Then I inserted $var1 into the line
        $name = esc_html($p->post_title);
        so it reads:
        $name = esc_html($var1);

        This works fine if there’s only one language variable and and the template title is one word only.

        Paypal donation on the way for your great service!


        Willy T. Koch

  4. willytk says:

    Hm, it was even easier than I thought, no need for regexp:
    Just replace the line
    $name = esc_html($p->post_title);
    $name = qtrans_useCurrentLanguageIfNotFoundUseDefaultLanguage($p->post_title);

    Oh well, live and learn.


    Willy T. Koch

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Hi Will,

      I was fixed this problem like below.

      Very thanks for your donation. 🙂

  5. davidsky says:

    Is possible to parse shortcode when insert the template into a post ?

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Yes you can use shortcode.

      1. davidsky says:

        I would wirte [myshortcode] into the template but I would that when inserted into a post will be “expanded”

        [shortcode] -> shortcode output

        Ciao D.

      2. Takayuki Miyauchi says:


        Oh, It is very hard. 😉
        Template is not have Post ID…
        Some shortcode will not work without Post ID.

        But, your shortcode is not need Post ID, you can use filter hook like below.

        add_filter('tinymce_templates', 'do_shortcode', 11);

        Please copy and paste to functions.php in your theme.

  6. Simon Weil says:

    Thanks for a great plugin!
    It says that one can share templates, where can I see shared templates?

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Hi Simon,

      You can see Shared Template on button of visual editor. 🙂

      1. Simon Weil says:

        I looked there and looked again and I see no such option to see shared templates…
        What could be the problem?

      2. astroneo says:

        Me too, I didn’t see shared template button
        is there a direct lnk for good templates ? any screenshots ?

      3. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

        You can see template list like following URI.

        You have to search “template_external_list_url” at HTML source of wp-admin/post.php.
        The value of “template_external_list_url” is template’s URL.

        Thanks. 🙂

    2. Simon says:

      I tried finding the URI you specified but can\’t find it.
      I can not find the shared templates…
      Please help with this issue.

  7. Moshe says:

    Hi thre,

    Great plugin – just what I needed.

    I have a feature request. Is it possible to add categories and tags to the templates and then have an option to sort the templates when inserting them into tinymce by categories or templates?

    Thanks and be well,


  8. astroneo says:


  9. Philippe says:

    I’m using wordpress 3.4.1 with qtranslate 2.5.2. with french (default) and english language
    When i insert the template in my french page, the template appears in the english page, it doesn´t want to appear in french. How i can resolve it please ?
    Best regards

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Sorry, I have no idea for this issue at this time. 😉
      But I will study when there is time.

  10. Lenamtl says:

    I really like the plugin.
    I have read a post and I’m wondering is this was fixed?

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      This issue was fixed.

  11. Charles says:

    Hi Takayuki,
    Thank you for the plugin.
    One question about the sharing-part. I am used to copy html-code of a good looking post or page
    and paste it in the empty editspace of a new post or page, and add new text and images.
    Your plugin makes it an easier job, I guess.
    But wouldn’t it be great having a large worldwide website/database of pictures of nice looking WordPress posts and pages with the html-code of their layout available, and that you caan feed that databaseand download from it, like real sharing?
    Is that too simple a thought? Or does this database already exist?
    Where can we find it?

    By the way, exactly in what map of the WordPress installation are templates being saved by default? I’d like to move the map from one website root to another.
    It’s said before, but I as well can’t find that particular map.

    Thx, Charles

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Umm …, This plugin may be differing from what you expect.
      This plugin is for enable it to contribute simply.


      1. Charles says:

        Thank you Takayuki, for your quick repsons.
        You may be right, maybe I expect too much. But read the first two sentences of this blog: “You can edit and share this template with WordPress users.”
        What exactly do you mean?
        There are four or five questions on this topic, about shared templates,
        where to find them, not only on the internet but in our own WordPress installs …
        No real answers. I’m just curious.
        Thanks anyway for your time.

      2. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

        Oh, “WordPress users” = “Registered users on your WordPress site.”
        Sorry, I am Japanese and my English was bad. 🙂

  12. Charles says:

    Maybe you should change that line into: .. You can edit and share the templates with other authorized users of your WordPress site.” Or something like that. I don’t know, I’m Dutch. 😉

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      OH! Thanks!

  13. Guillaume says:

    Hi, I just migrate in WP 3.5 and your plugin is not working anymore, he can’t list my template, the droplist is empty! I’ve tried to desactivate and reactivate your plugin, and save in permalink like you said in known issues but my list still blank !
    Please help me. I’m using your plugin for a school blog and your plugin is very useful for us !

    Thanks !

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      New version aleready released.

      1. Guillaume says:

        It was wrong yesterday but it works today ! Thanks for your help… and your work !

  14. The current available version is 3.0.0, and it is still broken. HELP!

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:


      1. Sorry. I mean that I am running version 3.0.0 of the templates plugin, but can no longer see my templates. I am running wordpress 3.5.

    2. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Would you delete cash?

    3. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      When still not solving, there is a conflict with other plug-in.
      If other plug-in takes out an error, it stops operating, since api of tinymce changed wp3.5.


      1. Thank you for your reply. The only update to my system is WordPress 3.5. No other plugins have been added or updated. I’ve deleted the cache , deleted and reinstalled the plugin, deleted and rewrote the templates, but it still fails. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next version. Thanks for all your hard work.

  15. Jeff says:

    Takayuki…This plugin is FANTASTIC! At first, I could not see the “Button” on tinymce toolbar, but then I saw that you said to “Please click “Save Changes” on [Settings] – [Permalink Settings]”
    After I did what you said, the button appeared when I reopened the tinymce editor.
    Great plugin, thanks for creating this plugin, it saves so much time!

  16. Iceman says:

    Hello. I love your Plugin. It helps me a lot.
    But now I can’t choose a template in the Dropdown-Menu!
    I have 4 different Templates, but the Dropdown-Menu show none of them!
    I tried to deactivate all the plugin without yours and Ultimate Tiny MCE, but the proplem still exists.
    Wordpress 3.5.1

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:


      Can you send me error’s on browser’s debug console?

      1. Dave says:

        same problem here.

        Console have this error:

        TypeError: tinymce.dom.Event._add is not a function
        Line 5

      2. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

        I will try to check!

      3. Iceman says:

        Sorry for waiting. I was busy the last days!

        It’s interessting, but today the Plugin runs again without an update and I have no Idea! So, I don’t have any error message!

        Anyway, thanks for your help and this great plugin!

      4. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

        Due to browser cache? 🙂

      5. Dave says:

        Yes, now work.


        Best Regards.

      6. Iceman says:

        That’ s a possibility!
        Sorry for this wrong alert.

        Best Regards

  17. Brenda says:

    Please let me know when your Paypal account can accept donations again. I just tried and apparently there is some problem with it.Thanks

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Oh Thanks!
      I was updated paypal link in footer.

  18. Brenda says:

    Thanks – small donation made – wish it could be larger as this is a terrific plugin.
    I also have a question: is it possible to make a template of the whole of a page. What I mean is the html PLUS the css, not just the html code. Is that already possible and if so how?

    If it isn’t possible, that would be SO useful.


    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Very thanks for donation. 🙂

      > What I mean is the html PLUS the css, not just the html code.

      maybe use inline style in the template.
      But, can not attache external style sheets

      Thanks again !

  19. Brenda says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Unfotunately I have a lot of css on my pages. Is there any chance of your plugin being changed to allow for this at some time in the future?
    Best wishes

    1. Takayuki Miyauchi says:

      Sorry, it is seems difficult and I am not currently planned.

  20. Brenda says:

    I am having trouble when I insert a template created using this plugin. When I do so the new code is being inserted inside the last div on the previous page instead of below that div. Please see As a result, the sidebar is being pushed below the main page. Here is the code that shows that the template code, starting with is being inserted inside the div instead of below it.

    Insert text for image

    Insert heading

    I would be grateful for your help please.

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